First Place

Metagenomic Analysis of Native Microbial Communities for Oil Spills Bioremediation Maria L.Bôto, Dhwani K.Desai, Julie LaRoche, Catarina Magalhães, Ana P. Mucha ICBAS; CIIMAR, Portugal


Second Place

Metagenomic insights into bacterial populations and mechanisms driving the biodegradation of azaarenes in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon- contaminated soils Maria Jordán, Esteban Bustos-Caparros, Juan F. Gago, Zhenfa Zhang, David Singleton, Ramon Rosselló- Móra, Magdalena Grifoll and Joaquim Vila University of Barcelona, Spain


Third Place

Development of composite material incorporating urea peroxide for prolonged stimulation of oxidative microbial bioremediation processes Anatolii A. Abalymov, Dmitrii V. Deev, Maja Zugan, Bogdan V. Parakhonskiy, Andre Skirtach, Tomaž Rijavec, Aleš Lapanje Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Outreach Activity

Matteo Tucci Italian National Research council, Italy